Bedrooms are for sleeping, right? Bedrooms have become necessary sanctuaries, even more so in this time of essential quarantine. So, more than ever it is important to create nooks that function well without cramming the space and still keeping the space serene enough to actually sleep. Bedrooms have become multi-functional spaces, such as Libraries, home-work spaces, home-school spaces, laundry-folding areas, gift wrapping stations, cirque du soleil training grounds for kids.... can you relate? Believe it or not, you don't have to wait until the kids are grown to enjoy a beautiful, and functional bedroom. Let us help design an optimal layout to scale to make the best use of your space. With this package, a member of our design team will come to your home to meet you and measure the space as well as your furnishings. We will then create an optimal layout including existing furnishings as well as sizes of suggested furnishings if needed. We will email as well as mail hardcopies of final layouts. If you wish to add another room layout or a spruce-me-up package or a color palette package to this one, we can bundle for a discount. Please call the Studios before purchase if you wish to bundle any two or more packages.